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My name is Matteus Santos, surfing is my passion. I’m 15 years old. I started surfing at the age of 7 in Aina Haina, it was my backyard. My parents tell me I actually started when we lived in Waikiki, at a very young age. I feel at home in the ocean.

I want to reach the top in the surfing industry. I am currently one of the surfers representing Hawaii in the USA Surfing America Championships. This year due to the pandemic there were no pre qualifying contests. It is an honor to receive the invitation from NSSA to represent Hawaii and also my Brazilian roots. My  parents moved to Hawaii over 20 years ago to attend college, fell in love and made Hawaii their home. I am lucky to be born and raised in Hawaii!

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, fishing, diving, skating and just living life. I know that with focus, dedication, and support I will continue to live a good life and reach my goals. Thank you for checking out my website and getting to know me. Send me a message on my instagram Matteusbsantos

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Waves were firing 🔥

Waves were firing 🔥

stoked to make some heats being the youngest in the division thanks for the sick shot